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Clari Revamps GTM Strategy With Refine Labs, Increasing Win Rates by 64% While Lowering Acquisition Costs by 67%

Clari is the category leading revenue platform helping B2B organizations increase win rates, shorten sales cycles, and improve forecast accuracy.


EMPLOYEES: 500 - 1000


decrease in advertising cost of acquisition
decrease in cost per sales qualified opportunity
increase in win rates

Before Refine Labs

Clari’s marketing team is responsible for creating and accelerating pipeline for both new and existing customers. 

Before Refine Labs, Clari’s SVP of Marketing says they were running a very traditional approach, where they believed they were pulling the appropriate levers for paid advertising, but the efficacy wasn’t understood. They expected buyers would see their ads, click the ads, and convert to buy their product. Full stop. They soon realized this isn’t how buyer’s buy today.

Clari recognized that to shift their demand strategy to how buyer’s buy today their brand needed help with messaging and positioning, measurement alignment, and a shift in mindset.
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Key pillars of Refine Labs’ partnership

Clari’s partnership with Refine Labs began with prioritizing their messaging and positioning so that storytelling could become a competitive advantage for their brand. 

Kyle Coleman, SVP of Marketing at Clari said, “Traditionally to evangelize your solution you explain what it does, why it’s better, and why others should buy it. But instead through category positioning help, Clari evangelized not only the solution, but also took a unique angle when addressing the problem they solve.” 

When we kicked off our engagement, this was around the same time Clari was introducing RevCG (Revenue Collaboration and Governance) to the market. Instead of leading with product value ads, we were looking to amplify the category that focused on the fact that there was not an enterprise system to run revenue, which had created “the biggest problem hiding in plain sight” - Revenue Leak.

As defined by Clari, Revenue Leak is the loss of revenue due to breakdowns in the revenue process. With this in mind, we positioned our campaigns around protecting revenue (in a downturn), and achieving revenue precision - all done by stopping revenue leak and having visibility into your pipeline and forecast. 

As we iterated on our campaigns, we really focused in on what messaging and creative was resonating with their audience in order to draw a very clear line between Clari as a brand and running revenue as a process. Turns out the CRO/Sales world is engaged by a more casual, conversational, and confident tone, or even shorthand copy (i.e. FTW). With no surprise, highlighting positive ROI as a benefit naturally led the charge in engaging creative as well.

Kyle shared that the Refine Labs team was “an extension to their team in terms of creative strategic thinking”. Something he hadn’t experienced with other agencies.

  • Creating a Strategic Narrative 
  • Developing a GTM Strategy
  • Demand Gen Execution


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Clari’s results since partnering with Refine Labs

Overall results were achieved by modifying the GTM strategy to focus on creating and capturing demand.

The first step was optimizing Google Ads to focus on high intent only. This meant we were only spending money to get in front of prospects with the intent and urgency to buy. With this focus, we retired broad match and ensured Google Ads was no longer driving content downloads. From there we incorporated new high-intent keywords paired with updated ad copy and modified our bidding strategies. 

But to capture demand you first need to create it. By leveraging target account lists we were able to get the right message in front of the right buyer persona on LinkedIn. Lead gen forms and content download objectives were retired, and zero-click content was introduced in order to educate the buyer in the feed. This included customer case studies, category creation, and product value ads. These efforts decreased overall ad spend by 38% and decreased cost per S0 opportunity by 36%.

By focusing on creating demand for the right buyer, acquisition costs were reduced by 67% while overall win rates increased by 64%.

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