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Stop guessing with your revenue strategy

The Vault equips your team with our proven roadmap, playbooks, experts, and research-backed IP to bring confidence and credibility to your revenue tactics, execution, and measurement.

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A proven roadmap for revenue results

Your market and buyers are always evolving, and you need a better way to stay relevant and drive results. The Vault gives you access to all of the research and intellectual property we’ve used at Refine Labs to accelerate revenue growth for 100+ leading B2B SaaS companies.

It’s time to stop guessing and start unlocking revenue confidence with The Vault.

  • What to do

    Get to what works faster for quicker, more efficient wins

  • How to align your team

    Build credibility & influence to align your stakeholders

  • How to do it

    Equip your team to execute with clarity & confidence

  • What’s next

    Unlock new growth opportunities


What you get

research & ip

By executing programs and experiments at 100+ B2B companies, we’re uniquely able to match the patterns we see to rapidly spin off new research, IP, and resources – frameworks, benchmarks, playbooks, templates, trade secrets, and more – so you can get to what works, faster. All of this powerful research and IP lives in The Vault.


Introductory overviews of core concepts, definitions & topics foundational to strong strategies.

Data & Insights
Data Standards
Expert Guidance
Expert Events & Advice

To help you understand your data, make strategic adjustments based on your unique reality and performance, and support you along the way, tap into Refine Labs’ revenue experts and other Vault subscribers. You’ll also have exclusive access to interactive and actionable events.

1:1 Revenue Strategy Sessions

15-30 minute 1:1 meetings with a Revenue R&D Strategist to ask specific questions related to their expertise.

Expert Sessions
Open Office Hours
Slack AMAs
Keynotes with Chris Walker

In the first 60 days, you will:

Follow our proven roadmap and tap into all of the resources you and your team need to implement and thrive with Revenue R&D at your company.

Build your company’s Revenue R&D pipeline with a mix of proven programs and new experiments with high upside.

Arm your team with the tactical guidance and expertise they need to successfully activate on key programs and experiments.

Measure what matters using a standardized attribution model and KPIs that give better insight on what's working and what's not.

Research, prioritize, plan, and launch new Revenue R&D programs.

Immediate impact

Vault users have seen immediate results, making moves with greater confidence and better insight on where to focus and what to do.

But don't take it from us - hear it from them.


No more confusion over what to prioritize or which insights to take action on. No more misaligned stakeholders. No more guessing. It’s time to start planning, executing, and optimizing with data-backed credibility and confidence.

Tap into all of the resources you and your team need to adopt and thrive on your Revenue R&D journey.

$2,500 / mo

Annual commitment billed monthly. Or, save 10% by paying upfront.

Annual commitment billed monthly. Or, save 10% by paying upfront.

Unlimited access to all published Refine Labs research & intellectual property
On-demand access to robust content, resource & template library
1:1 revenue strategy sessions with Refine Labs' Revenue R&D strategists

Exclusive access to Refine Labs experts via:

  • Expert Sessions
  • Office Hours
  • AMAs
  • Workshops
  • Invite-Only Events & Keynotes