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By working with 200+ B2B companies, we rapidly generate new insights and proven evidence-based methods.

The Vault allows you to learn the Refine Labs foundations and deploy a demand plan that works. It’s a cheat code to drive results faster. Resource spans from strategy to execution because you need to get buy-in, deploy the plan, and show what works.

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Optimize measurement and reporting

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Frameworks & Experiment Reports

Foundations and frameworks allow you to understand new key concepts to fuel your demand strategy, align your team and create a common language. 

Leverage the latest insights from demand practitioners through data and insights reports. These reports outline what was done, how it was executed, and the actual results.

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Playbooks include templates, processes, & step-by-step implementation guides for executing new frameworks & strategies in your organization. 

The playbooks are the nuts and bolts, AKA “how to actually do this," so they span from how to set up the underlying operations to post-launch optimizations.

Go from strategic plan to execution faster, with confidence.

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Coaching & Community

You’ll get exclusive access to Refine Labs experts and innovative marketing teams like you. We are all working towards the same goal and believe in the same foundational marketing philosophy. 


Weekly group coaching sessions and private events are focused on helping you understand and apply key concepts. Our community collaborates together to learn in real-time and apply insights to advance how modern demand is executed rapidly.

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Customer Stories

An Ongoing Investment to Align Your Company to the Right Work and Data

Tara Panu, VP of Marketing at Voiceflow, has found success with using the foundational content to align her entire team, company and leadership team to marketing´s initiatives and results.

The Equivalent to a University- Level Course

Karl Yeh, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing & Demand Generation at Benevity, has found success with using The Vault to not only transform Benevity’s reporting, but also continuosly onboard, train, and uplevel employees with The Vault for ongoing education.

A Cheat Code for Validated, Proven Frameworks & Experiments

Testing and validation is important. However, not every company has the luxury to spend the time or resources here. This is where Jim Holben, CMO of Applied Visions, Inc., has gained value from The Vault by being able to utilize tried and true frameworks and playbooks that have been tested by other companies.


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