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A collaborative course on B2B marketing

Hosted by Aspireship, the leading online reskilling and upskilling platform, Refine Labs’ IP is part of a robust learning program that teaches the core principles and practical applications of our B2B Marketing Strategy.
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Uncovering marketing’s best-kept secrets

Aspireship CEO Corey Kossack has partnered with Refine Labs CEO Megan Bowen to bring our most exclusive marketing insights, strategies, and resources to B2B companies everywhere. Designed to educate professionals at any level of expertise, Aspireship’s B2B Marketing Intensive modules make learning easy and engaging.

A fun and engaging way to learn

Learn through video interviews and workshops; presentations from validated research; as well as quizzes and projects to apply your knowledge. The curriculum covers both the fundamentals and the implementation of the Refine Labs B2B Marketing Strategy, giving you an in-depth look at our time-tested methodologies.
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The program at a glance

  • Section 1: Demand 101
  • Section 2: Reporting & Attribution
  • Section 3: Content & Creative Strategy
  • Section 4: Project - Develop Your Own Content Strategy
  • Section 5: Organic Demand Creation
  • Section 6: Paid Search & Inbound Conversion Improvement

  • Section 7: Paid Social Demand Creation
  • Section 8: Project - Developing & Distributing Paid Campaigns
  • Section 9: Revenue Analysis
  • Section 10: Project - Conduct Your Own Revenue Analysis
  • Section 11: Final Assessment

A wealth of knowledge from industry experts

Aspireship gives B2B companies and their employees access to a rich curriculum powered by proprietary Vault content from the Refine Labs team, plus expert interviews featuring thought leaders Gaetano DiNardi, Daniel Murray, and other respected voices in B2B marketing.
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Interested in getting subsidized access for your team?

Aspireship can help subsidize the cost of the training for US-based W2 employees through a workforce development program, by helping you enroll as an Employer Sponsor. This involves signing some standard paperwork and agreeing to participate in periodic surveys regarding each individual’s progress in applying their learnings.

Interested in access for yourself?

If you’re currently employed, share this opportunity with a team leader and ask them to get in touch.


If you’re unemployed, self-employed, or don’t want to involve your current company, create a free account on aspireship.com to begin exploring the programs offered for individual purchase.

Vault Testimonies

An Ongoing Investment to Align Your Company to the Right Work and Data

Tara Panu, VP of Marketing at Voiceflow, has found success with using the foundational content to align her entire team, company, and leadership team to marketing´s initiatives and results.

The Equivalent to a University- Level Course

Karl Yeh, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing & Demand Generation at Benevity, has found success with using The Vault to not only transform Benevity’s reporting, but also continuously onboard, train, and uplevel employees with The Vault for ongoing education.

A Cheat Code for Validated, Proven Frameworks & Experiments

Testing and validation are important. However, not every company has the luxury to spend the time or resources here. This is where Jim Holben, CMO of Applied Visions, Inc., has gained value from The Vault by being able to utilize tried and true frameworks and playbooks that have been tested by other companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aspireship?

Aspireship is an online reskilling and upskilling platform that helps individuals accelerate their careers. Founded in 2019, Aspireship has helped upskill 35,000 people to date across the B2B technology industry and is excited to launch the B2B Marketing Intensive in partnership with Refine Labs.

What types of content were used to develop the Aspireship B2B Marketing Intensive?

This robust training is crafted from the expertise and insights contributed by founder Chris Walker, CEO Megan Bowen, and numerous Refine Labs B2B marketing leaders. It encompasses a comprehensive marketing training program and resources that integrate the core principles and practical applications of the Refine Labs B2B Marketing Strategy.

Who is the B2B Marketing Intensive for?

Any team or individual looking to expand their B2B marketing knowledge.

How much does it cost?

The B2B Marketing Intensive is available free of charge to companies who enroll as an employer partner with Aspireship to upskill or reskill new or existing employees. Simply fill out the form and Aspireship will be in touch.

How long does the B2B Marketing Intensive training take?

The B2B Marketing Intensive includes 11 packed sections that vary in length, depending on the skill level and pre-existing knowledge of each student. These are self-guided courses, so you’re free to go at your own pace. Take as long as you need until you feel you’re satisfied.

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