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NFP Launches Full B2B Demand Program in 9 Months with Refine Labs

NFP is the 5th largest benefits broker by global revenue


EMPLOYEES: 5,000 - 10,000


Faster sales cycle
Increase in ACV

Before Refine Labs

Kyle explains their structure between Sales and Marketing was siloed. “Every salesperson did everything for themselves.” From self-sourcing, to problem identification and maturing the relationship, to closing and handing off the opportunity – Sales sat on an island.

All the while, NFP's Marketing team focused on Management, Brand and Communications. It was time to team up. Kyle knew if Sales could partner with Marketing this would provide NFP the opportunity to transform their revenue function and enable marketing to run programs that made sales easier.
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Key pillars of Refine Labs’ partnership

Refine Labs’ partnership with NFP began with a full funnel assessment and analysis across both the marketing and sales process. The insights from this analysis highlighted opportunities for NFP to optimize marketing efforts such as: programs, advertising, creative, and NFP’s website, as well as optimize sales processes like: sales messaging, scheduling, lead conversion rate, and overall CRM cleanliness. 

In the early days of our partnership we leveraged insights from the assessment and analysis to operationalize how we were going to help NFP unite their revenue engine. Refine Labs created demand by bringing their company story to life through paid social advertising and differentiated creative, and provided critical feedback to set NFP up to successfully capture and convert demand through their website. 

  • Demand Creation 
  • Bring Company Story to Life
  • Demand Capture


Group 21610

Results NFP has experienced since partnering with Refine Labs

“One of the amazing things Refine was really great at was tempering expectations. We have long sales cycles [anywhere from 6 to 24 months] and up front Refine set the stage that it would be 6 to 9 months before we see this working. ‘You have to be patient.’” - Kyle Healy

NFP has achieved a 233% ROI. This success metric includes the budget allocated for this project to create a research function, systems cost, and advertising investment. 


“We quickly found ourselves connecting pipes and improving our website flow and we started to see inbounds. We started seeing people come to us and transact with deals closed in three to four days.”

NFP is experiencing a 75% reduction in sales cycle length. By the time prospects get to a salesperson, they already know what they want, and the salesperson is able to do light, but effective discovery and convert the call straight to an opportunity. 

NFP is realizing a 20% higher ACV. 

Said simply, it’s faster, it’s cheaper, and it’s easier to acquire revenue. 


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