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Zappi Overhauls Demand Strategy With Refine Labs, Increasing Deal Size by 3x and Achieved 7x Qualified Pipeline Generated vs Spend

Zappi is the leading consumer insights enterprise platform designed for consumer-obsessed teams, infusing insights into every stage of the ad and innovation process.


EMPLOYEES: 201 - 500


increase in deal size
qualified pipeline generation vs spend

Before Refine Labs

Zappi’s twenty person marketing team is responsible for all demand generation, product marketing, design, and corporate communications. Their business was a pay-as-you-go service and during our partnership they transitioned the business to a SaaS subscription model. 

Before Refine Labs, Yovonne says “The rate of growth from existing customers was slowing, and our opportunity to create new demand was becoming more challenged as a result of increased competition in market.” 

Yvonne knew that they had to accelerate demand creation and have separate strategies for demand creation and demand capture. If they were going to accelerate demand they needed an expert partner.  


Key pillars of Refine Labs’ partnership

The focus of our partnership was to increase qualified pipeline and revenue from declared-intent buyers. To do this we helped Zappi adopt the mindset, measurement, and strategy need to run a modern demand program. 

Zappi’s partnership with Refine Labs began with digging into their CRM to audit the entire GTM, not just Marketing. Yvonne says “The Refine Labs team got into our Salesforce and understood how we were doing business and the challenges we faced in the market.”

We worked with Zappi to get really focused on their core ICP. Using CRM data, we executed region, industry, and persona analysis to tighten the targeting. Refining the audiences over time, drove more specific messages with higher engagement into the market and accelerated their GTM strategy shift. 

Yvonne shares “Refine Labs did an excellent job challenging us both on our strategy, on our tactics. They were fast to say, this isn't working, we need to change things. Plus, they partnered with our sales team to drive success.” 

  • GTM Analysis & Reporting
  • Demand Conversion
  • Demand Creation


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Zappi's results since partnering with Refine Labs

Results were achieved by rebalancing create and capture demand budgets and being laser-focused on their core segments. Once capture demand channels were optimized, their budget allocation was 80% create demand and 20% capture demand. 

To optimize capture demand, we conducted a region analysis and reduced the number of countries being targeted in Google Search to focus on their core markets. By fully funding those campaigns it produced a higher ROI. 

For creating demand, we shifted the strategy from going after multiple audiences to only primary markets. Zappi installed the Hybrid Attribution framework and through self-reported attribution data we identified insights to adjust targeting. We switched targeting to job function with exclusions to learn which titles were actually engaging and increased reach. By doing this we increased the volume of declared-intent opportunities from their website. 

We shifted targeting and spend to align to an enterprise buyer and this was the unlock for driving 3X in average deal size. The quality of the pipeline that was coming inbound was a new tier.

Over the year and a half partnership, Zappi achieved a 3x increase in average deal size and generated 7x qualified pipeline created vs spend.


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