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Refine Labs Releases Revenue Performance Assessment Templates to Analyze Marketing Performance

Posted by Chris Walker on May 9, 2023

Now, more than ever, companies need to know what’s driving revenue and what’s not. Nailing these insights is critical to create a successful revenue plan.  

For the first time, Refine Labs is unlocking their three-step approach that helps revenue leaders understand the impact of their programs. This approach has been successfully deployed with more than 100 B2B SaaS companies.


Access the full Revenue Performance Assessment today for free in The Vault.

Refine Labs conducts a Revenue Performance Assessment at the beginning of each client engagement. This three-step process takes inputs from your pipeline sources, your buyer’s behavior, and paid media performance to provide a hollistic analysis of your revenue programming. You’ll walk away knowing the efficiency of your marketing efforts, and where you can make significant ROI improvements.


Step One: Pipeline Source Analysis: A high-level view of the entire new acquisition business engine; compares contributing pipeline sources to one another, and examines how they’re impacting the business.


The end deliverable will give you an overall understanding and benchmark of the pipeline sources on multiple variables, not just pipeline creation, giving you insight on how to strategize for ongoing growth, and positioning you to be a revenue partner in the business.


Step Two: Split the Funnel: This exercise splits out how your buyers are entering the marketing funnel, gauges performance throughout the funnel, and identifies what the largest contributors to marketing revenue are. 


You will learn to spotlight which inbound points of conversion are capturing demand and driving revenue. This tells you where to adapt your strategy, what to do more of, and what to stop doing.


Step Three: Paid Performance Analysis: This analyzes how much you’re spending in paid media to drive pipeline.


Completing this step helps identify where you are over or under-investing in paid media, how much revenue paid media is driving, and the return on investment. These inputs help assess whether your company should reevaluate its paid strategy.


To access the full Revenue Performance Assessment, sign up for The Vault. You can also learn more about how Refine Labs can build and analyze your revenue programs by booking time with the team.


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