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Refine Labs' Newly Launched Framework Helps Marketing Leaders Optimize Pipeline Performance In The Do More With Less Era

Posted by Kaylee Edmondson on July 18, 2023

Refine Labs, a leading marketing firm, announces the release of its Inbound Buying Experience Framework. Designed to optimize gaps in B2B SaaS buying experiences and solve revenue leaks, this comprehensive resource breaks down the process into four distinct phases, accompanied by optimization categories that enable modern revenue leaders to identify areas for improvement across people, processes, and technology.


A recent study conducted by Chili Piper and Navattic shows the average vendor response time is two days and 2.3 emails are sent per inbound request. Knowing 78% of B2B customers purchase from the vendor that responds first, and sales teams are only able to work the leads once they’ve been properly handed off and routed from marketing, means most companies are likely leaving revenue on the table. 


Recognizing the importance of a seamless lead handoff process, Ashley Lewin, Senior Director of Demand Generation at Refine Labs, emphasizes, "This framework and audit help teams align, remove friction, and update processes to drive more revenue from their best-converting funnel, ultimately driving more revenue for the business."


Refine Labs' Inbound Buying Experience Framework shows you how to optimize your website's demand conversion path to increase conversion rates and get more pipeline from the same funnel. The framework focuses on removing friction from form fill to qualified (HIRO) opportunity. 


The framework cites the benchmark for declared intent conversion form fill to qualified opportunity should be 30-40%.


Refine Labs has also developed a comprehensive Buying Experience Audience Template to complement the playbook. This resource empowers revenue leaders to quickly identify gaps in their prospect’s journey so they can stop revenue leaks and get back to hitting revenue goals. 


For marketing leaders seeking tactical ways to optimize their inbound buying experience, Refine Labs invites them to join The Vault, a knowledge hub filled with valuable resources, including the Inbound Buying Experience Framework. To access this exclusive content and take their revenue generation strategies to the next level, sign up at https://vault.refinelabs.com/sign-up.

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