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Marketing QBR Best Practices

Posted by Kaylee Edmondson on June 21, 2023

Being able to effectively communicate performance in a concise, memorable way is a top-skill marketers need to get more buy-in, resources, alignment, overall understanding, and/or uplevel their careers. This is also a top area of opportunity Refine Labs spots within companies and is on a quest to help other marketers improve their skills. 


One of the best areas to start is with the marketing Quarterly Business Review (QBR), which is presented to key stakeholders inside and outside of the business.


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QBRs are structured meetings and reports designed for key stakeholders throughout the business, whether board members or senior management. They’re a forum to discuss the business’s health, goals, plans, and strategies the team has set out to achieve.

This doesn’t mean that QBRs are an exhaustive presentation of everything marketing did in the quarter. 


The stakeholders want to know if marketing is helping grow the business or not, based on the agreed-upon goals, and what insights marketing has to continue the company-wide strategy. 

As a result, these meetings and reports help identify any areas in performance that may need to be spotlighted to fix and set out a plan for the next quarter+ to achieve.

Nailing a strong marketing QBR can be tricky. Typically, the biggest problems Refine Labs sees in presentations are: 

  • - Irrelevant metrics 
  • - Lacking a story 
  • - Not paying attention to the deck details
  • - Not speaking the same language as the audience 
  • - Not having go-forward plans prepped
  • - Not being transparent on wins and losses

Overall, effectively communicating performance, aside from QBRs, is an invaluable skill. It allows for more resources, buy-in, alignment, and understanding.

Refine Labs is hosting a special edition of Stacking Growth Live to cover their 12-step checklist to improving QBRs. They’ll walk the audience through how to improve your decks and delivery to your next QBR.

If you're looking to elevate QBRs to communicate performance effectively, join Refine Labs' CRO, Cassidy Shield, and Senior Director of Demand Generation, Ashley Lewin, on Wednesday, June 28th at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET. Register for the event here.

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