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Shine a light on revenue blindspots.

WatchTower is a conversion tracking and hybrid attribution solution built natively on the Salesforce platform.

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Strategy should determine metrics, not the other way around.

Without visibility into what’s actually creating demand you have a large blindspot, that’s where WatchTower comes in.

WatchTower automates Hybrid Attribution to go beyond software-based attribution and start revealing programs that are capturing and creating demand.

Hybrid Attribution Framework

Actionable insights for self-reported attribution.

Spend less time manually gathering data, and more time understanding it.

To stay ahead of the curve you need actionable insights on-demand.

Even if you’ve already implemented self-reported attribution (“How did you hear about us?”), analysis usually stops at the contact level and deeper analysis requires hours of manual work.

WatchTower automated the categorization of these responses and combines this data with software-based attribution and pipeline data directly in your Salesforce instance.


Glow up your Salesforce CRM

WatchTower elevates your existing attribution.

WatchTower automatically integrates with Salesforce without the need to overhaul your current instance. Easily map the WatchTower app to pull data from your existing tracking, campaign, and pipeline configurations.

WatchTower supports your existing UTM values and software-based attribution setup, allowing you to capture what programs are driving impact at the conversion event and map through to closed-won. 

The app standardizes UTM and self-reported attribution categories for your business, groups them for a summarized view, and reveals which programs are driving demand.


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