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Refine Labs' Paid Social Philosophy Proven to Drive Revenue Impact at Scale

Posted by Chris Walker on May 2, 2023

Refine Labs' is sharing the step-by-step guide to their unique approach to paid social, which has been validated over years of observation, experimentation, and execution at scale, resulting in proven revenue impact.

Through their ongoing work with over 100+ B2B companies, Refine Labs has developed a different mindset and approach to paid social that matches how buyers have evolved. Rather than treating social media as a lead generation engine, they see it as an awareness channel and when executed effectively it drives increased opportunities and revenue.

The core of Refine Labs' paid social philosophy is leveraging native, zero-click content to create net new demand within the target market. This is done by running a combination of ungated content and product/feature-focused campaigns to an audience constructed to reach the ideal customer profile. The goal is not to optimize for direct-response conversions in-platform, but instead to spark the ICP's attention when they're not in-market to buy and position Refine Labs' clients to be top of mind when they are ready.




"When switching to this paid social philosophy, especially if you've historically executed lead generation campaigns, you can expect a lower platform conversion volume since you'll be using custom conversions for declared-intent actions only," said Chris Walker, CEO of Refine Labs. "However, change your measurement model, optimize for reach and in-feed consumption, and you will improve your product's awareness and overall revenue impact."

For the first time, Refine Labs is unveiling their refined and proven philosophical approach to utilizing paid social media, which has been successfully deployed by over 100 B2B SaaS companies to date.

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