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Personal LinkedIn Profiles Outperform Company Pages with 5x More Engagement

Posted by Chris Walker on April 21, 2023

A Refine Labs data study confirms that sharing information through a personal LinkedIn profile drives 2.75x more impressions and 5x more engagement when compared to a company profile. 


This study reviewed 7 employees' personal LinkedIn profiles and compared their posts to the Refine Labs LinkedIn page over the same time period. Post results were averaged for the analysis time period. 


Despite having an average follower count, 46% lower than the Refine Labs company page, the employees averaged more than 2.75x the impressions and 5x the engagement per post. This validates the hypothesis that people prefer to engage with people. People engage less with brands.


Refine Labs company metrics compared to employee metrics


Refine Labs recommends that you employ a robust strategy by enabling your employees to complement your company page's organic and paid efforts. With over 100+ clients, they deliver LinkedIn strategy, content, and media execution to drive growth and engagement for their clients.


"We lead by example, both in how we build our company and how we support our customers. The key is to create content that people want to know about and distribute it where they're already spending their time," said Megan Bowen, President of Refine Labs.

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