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Refine Labs' Step-by-Step Forecasting Resources, Now Available in The Vault

Posted by Kaylee Edmondson on June 9, 2023

For years, revenue teams have approached revenue, goal-setting, and budget planning in a way that's siloed, clunky, and ineffective. Traditionally, goals are set via a top-down approach siloed by department. Overly complicated growth models are built in Excel using non-meaningful equations to back into targets dictated by leadership. And there isn't regard for ramp time, accurate resources, or realistic conversion rates. 

This planning style leaves revenue teams scrambling to reach a revenue goal that's set without consideration for historical performance, seasonality, realistic vs. stretch goals, or trade-offs between Pipeline Sources.

Refine Labs has helped over 200+ high-growth B2B companies break down silos across GTM teams and accredits a key part of their success to their modern approach to revenue forecasting and planning.

Today, all members of The Vault now have access to Refine Labs' step-by-step Revenue Forecasting & Planning resources, empowering all revenue leaders to confidently plan and respond to questions like these: 


– How do we achieve a given revenue goal?

  • – Is the revenue goal possible, and how do we achieve it?
  • – What do we need from a resource allocation standpoint?
  • – How will discretionary spend factor in?
    – What’s an optimistic, realistic, and pessimistic forecast against our target/goal?


“As revenue leaders head into planning cycles for the second half of the fiscal year, accurate forecasts are critical. The planning resources we’ve created will get you there step by step,” said Cassidy Shield, CRO at Refine Labs.


To access the full Revenue Forecasting & Modeling resources, sign up for The Vault. You can also learn more about how Refine Labs can build and analyze your revenue programs by booking time with the team.

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